Endowment Campaign


Thanks to the support of our local and international family, we have opened the doors of the Aspen Jewish Community Center.

We have opened our doors as a spiritual home for so many who seek to embrace and enhance their connection to Jewish life. We have opened our doors to more children than ever, nurturing them ritually and educationally, to foster a meaningful practice of Judaism for generations to come.

As such, we have opened the door to securing our future — by establishing The Aspen Jewish Community Center Endowment Fund.

The Aspen Jewish Community Center is a place for all of us. And your generosity ensures it will stand for all who come after us.

With open doors and open arms, we are devoted to welcoming those from the Roaring Fork Valley and visitors with warmth, acceptance and opportunities to learn, celebrate and pursue a meaningful
Jewish journey.

Our goal:

To meet the community’s needs for many years to come by raising $10 million for the Aspen Jewish Community Center Endowment Fund.

This endowment will allow us to advance our vision while sustaining our physical home in
perpetuity. Funds generated by the securely held principal will provide for the maintenance and enhancement of our beautiful new Center — and for the meaningful experiences that our Center offers.

  •  It will support staffing and operational expenses — allowing for new and existing
    programs, activities and events that spiritually, educationally, intellectually and socially enrich the lives of those young and old alike.
  •  It will help us to continue fostering a greater appreciation for universal humanitarian values,
    a proud sense of Jewish identity and greater support for the State of Israel.

Through the Aspen Jewish Community Center Endowment Fund, our mission will be poised well into the future to achieve our goals…

Serving as a crucial lifeline for the greater Aspen Jewish community.

The Door is Open for You to Secure a Legacy for Future Generations — and, to Doubling the Impact of Your Gift.

In May 2014, the Aspen Jewish Community Center Endowment Fund received a matching Challenge Grant in the amount of $1.8 million with which to launch this effort.

For every dollar contributed to the Fund, an anonymous donor will make a matching donation up to the sum of $1,800,000 — thus doubling the impact of the gift you make today!

Your support will enable our Aspen Jewish Community Center to maximize the vital potential of this “window of opportunity”as it pursues its present goals and future aspirations with financial security and sustainability.

Donations made today the Aspen Jewish Community Center Endowment Fund are a powerful way to make a difference for every tomorrow.

Whether given as an eternal source of blessing for you and your family, or as a lasting tribute in memory of your dearly departed loved ones – you will be extending a gift that literally keeps on giving! Your investment in our community’s future enables the perpetuation of Jewish values and traditions. You will create a profound legacy which ensures that our children and grandchildren will be given the same opportunities to learn and carry forward these values with a sense of their heritage and nation’s history, thus shaping its destiny.

In addition to extending a timely gift at this opportune moment of the Fund’s inauguration, we hope that you will consider naming the Aspen Jewish Community Center Endowment Fund as a designated beneficiary in your estate planning, thereby supporting the Aspen Jewish Community Center now and in the future.

Please click here to contribute to the Aspen Jewish Community Center Endowment Fund, in connection to the current Challenge Grant or contact us for further discussion.