Tuesday Aug 17 at 5pm
Title: "Is Death the End of Us?"  Do Jews believe in Heaven, and if we do, is there shrimp there?

Tuesday Aug 31 at 5pm
Title: "Are Angels Real?"   Are we being visited by messengers from G0d, and if so, what do we serve them for lunch?
Rabbi Marc Gellman is an author, teacher, storyteller, and television personality.  He was the president of the New York Board of Rabbis during 9/11 and is now the rabbi emeritus of Temple Beth Torah in Dix Hills, NY.  
Rabbi Gellman and Father Tom Hartman were known as "The God Squad".  They were the religion and ethics correspondents for "ABC’s Good Morning America" and were regulars on the "Imus in the Morning program", and other networks.  They hosted "The God Squad," their own nationally syndicated cable program, and wrote a weekly syndicated newspaper column for Tribune Media which Rabbi Gellman has continued following the passing of Father Hartman in 2016.  
Together, they published several award-winning books for children and adults including “How Do You Spell God?”  The HBO special of that book using children to teach other children about God was awarded The George Foster Peabody Award.  The readers of Newsday voted them the greatest leaders and activists of the last 100 years on Long Island.  “Keeping the Faith”, starring Ben Stiller as the Rabbi Gellman character and Ed Norton as Father Hartman character, is a 2000 Disney film based on their life.  
Rabbi Gellman holds an earned PhD in Philosophy from Northwestern University.  He has written ten books including “Does God Have A Big Toe?” which was selected as one of the ten best illustrated children’s books of the year by the NY Times.  He writes for Golf Digest, serves on their ranking panel, and consults with their senior staff.  Rabbi Gellman and his wife have raised guide dogs for the blind. He is also the founder and CEO of the Marc Gellman Institute, Inc, a 501 C3 charitable organization dedicated to supporting the ethical values that enhance the common good in our culture.  These lectures are sponsored by the Marc Gellman Institute. 


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