Discussion Topics:
The Ben and Jerry situation, boycotts in general, and the looming threat in Congress to strip organizations from tax deduction status.
The honor/shame prism of the Arab world and how weakness invites violence. The impact of the Abraham accords on the Arab reaction, or lack thereof, to the recent Gaza conflict.
The danger of projecting US tensions onto Israel- ie. race, oppressors versus oppressed, identity issues and political correctness versus actuality.
The day to day coexistence of average Israelis and the apparent down side of being the sole democracy in the region.
Israel’s fledgling religious reform and the inner tension of Jews versus Israeliness- can it be bridged?
Israeli Arabs, 5th Column or loyal citizens?
About Eve Harrow:
Eve Harrow is a veteran podcaster, experienced Israeli tour guide and longtime public speaker and educator. She’s currently completing an MA in Land of Israel Studies and Archaeology at Bar Ilan University to join her MA in Psychology.  She’s the Director of Tourism and Community Development for the One Israel Fund.
Eve combines her extensive knowledge of history, the Bible, the Land, human behavior, religion and relationships to enhance people’s understanding of current events in a broad context and multi-faceted way. Her hard earned and perhaps surprisingly progressive opinions are an important perspective to hear to offset our American tendency to project our political paradigms on to  a very complicated situation in a extremely volatile  region.
Eve and her physician husband live in Efrat, where they raised seven children and where she served as councilwoman for a decade.


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