Encountering America: mending the fractures

Dedicated to the memory of our dear friend Todd Arcomano

Monday 7 June.

10:00 am: opening:  cantor azi schwartz, park avenue synagogue.

10:10- 10:35 roth: after four years

10:35-11:00 q/a with moderator: belinski

11:00-11:25am : panel discussion: encountering America mending fractures from within

11:30-11:55: q/a: moderator: kassam

12:00-12:25: wolfe: stewarding an inheritance of the mindfulness of chosen mutuality

12:30-12:55 q/a with moderator: knight

2:00-2:25: pawlikowski: American life and planetary existence

2:30-2:55: q/a with moderator: manosevitz

Tuesday  8 June

franz alderfer, aspen, co: amazing grace.  

10:00-10:25: grob : border ethics: bridging the immigration divide

10:30-10:55: q/a with moderator: keener quiat

11:00-11:25am: panel discussion : mending international and planetary fractures

11:30-11:55: q/a with moderator :tayyen

1:00-1:25pm: manosevitz: art, tradition and interfaith dialogue

1:30:1:55pm: q/a.: moderataor: murphy

2:00-2:25pm.:  summation : tayyen . schudrich  knight. ( 5-8 min. each) .