Quotes & Testimonials

“The new Jewish Center promises to embrace Judaism in Aspen for generations to come. Its ‘meaning’ to the Jewish community here is exceeded only by the understated leadership and quiet confidence of Rabbi Mendel and Lieba Mintz. They are the bond that connects life in Aspen to Jewish life in Aspen. We met Rabbi Mendel and Leiba two years ago at the JCC Hanukkah skate party. Their appealing warmth, kindness, spirituality, friendship, sincerity and family-devotion is what attracted us—but their authenticity is what convinced us. We are proud to support their efforts in this worthy purpose.” — Kimberly and Bradley Schlosser

Kimberly and Bradley Schlosser

“I want everyone who lives in or visits Aspen to know the warm hospitality that glues our Jewish community together. I first experienced this when I took my one-year-old to a ‘Mommy and Me’ class with Lieba—it felt like family, and I didn’t want to leave. The remarkable, countless educational and outreach programs are the reason why we support the center.” — Inna Effress


“This is a catalyst for our community—a facility for all of us—one that will be available for the whole Jewish community for special occasions and everyday

use—regardless of people’s beliefs or practices. It is imperative that we give in every way we can.” — Richard Shenk


“I support the Jewish Community Center because I am passionate about the work that Rabbi Mendel and Lieba are doing for our community. They are always available

for people who are in need of help, big or small. I am very grateful to have them here in Aspen.” — Elyane Stertzer