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Bar Services
Beverages are charged to the master account per person per hour. Service and fees are based on total numbers of guest. 

Bartenders’ Fee
$65 per hour, per tender. Minimum of four (4) consecutive hours which includes set up and break down.
One (1) bartender per 75 guests for a limited bar (beer & wine), one (1) bartender per 50 guests for a full bar.

Cocktail Server Fee
Minimum number of guests: 20
$60 per hour – minimum of four (4) consecutive service hours includes set up and break down.

  Luxury Brand Liquors Premium Brand Liquors Name Brand Liquor
Vodka Grey Goose Woody Creek Skyy
Rum Cruzan Aged Appleton Gold Bacardi
Gin Martin Miller Bombay Sapphire Beefeater
Tequila Casamigo Patron Espolon
Scotch The Glenlivet 15 yrs Chivas Dewars
Whiskey Basil Hayden Knob Creek Jameson

All Liquor Brands are Subject to Change and are Dependent on Availability from our Liquor Suppliers.

House Wines
Binyamina Cabernet, Binyamina Chardonnay,  Bartenura Moscato

Domestic Beer
Budweiser, Bud Light, Fat Tire and Coors Lite

Imported Beers
Stella, Corona and Corona Light

Soft Drinks and Mixers
Coca Cola, Diet Coke, Sprite, Club Soda, Ginger Ale, Tonic Water, Orange Juice and Cranberry

Bottled Water
San Pellegrino and Spring Water


Wines (Non-Mevushal) - Pricing per Bottle if Case is Purchased:

Red: Per Bottle
Adir A Red Blend $78.00
Covenant Cabernet $120.00
Domaine Du Castel Grand Vin $108.00
Cabernet & Merlot Blend  
Castel Petit Castel $65.00
Cabernet & Merlot Blend  
Psagot Cabernet  $47.00
Psagot Merlot  $44.00
Yatir Forest $100.00
Cabernet & Petit Verdot Blend  
Bat Shlomo Sauvignon Blanc $46.00
Covenant Lavan Chardonnay $59.00
Domaine Du Castel Blanc $65.00
Flam Blanc $48.00
Chardonnay & Sauvignon Blanc Blend  
Yarden Katzrin Chardonnay $45.00
Champagne / Sparkling Wine:  
Paul Briard Champagne $85.00
Laurent Perrier Brut Champagne $90.00
Yarden Blanc de Blanc  $45.00

Wine (Mevushal) - Pricing per Bottle when Case is Purchased:

Barkan Cabernet $22.00
Barkan Sauvignon Blanc $20.00
Baron Herzog Cabernet Sauvignon $22.00
Binyamina Chardonnay $22.00
Bartenura Moscato $24.00
Bartenura Pinot Grigio $20.00
Binyamina Bin Cabernet $25.00
Binyamina Reserve Cabernet $34.00
Binyamina Reserve Merlot $34.00
Carmel Appellation Cabernet $28.00
Goose Bay Chardonnay $30.00
Goose Bay Sauvignon Blanc $30.00
Goose Bay Pinot Noir $38.00
Herzog Sauvignon Blanc  $20.00
Herzog Special Reserve Chardonnay $45.00
Herzog Special Reserve Cabernet $55.00
Sparkling Wine / Champagne:  
Bartenura Prosecco Brut $35.00
Bartenura Prosecco Rose $35.00
Freixenet Excelencia Brut Cava $32.00


Bar brands are subject to price changes and availability

Bar prices do not included event space, staff or gratuity and are subject to change without notice.