Bennett’s artwork combines the pop sensibility of Andy Warhol with the mythological references and bold colors of Marc Chagall. Aside from being simply stunning and a wonderful compliment to the architecture, The History of the Star of David communicates the beauty, spirituality and tragedy of our shared history.

Arthur Chabon

Design is a dynamic process and is most important to create spaces and environments that enhance and reflect one's life. This artwork's luminescent color, visual rhythm and emotional narrative, will be a beautiful and inspiring addition to any environment. And the larger the scale of the piece, the more powerful and engaging it becomes.

Laura Hunt
Interior Designer

While complex and beautiful in its structure, Bennett’s modern approach in The History of the Star of David is one we can all relate to. He presents a direct view into the ancient history of our iconic symbol with this bold and masterful artwork.

David Zeigerman
Art Collector

The History of the Star of David brings to life our rich history, triumphs, and struggles, as well as our promising and vibrant future. It evokes a sense of survival and determination, as well as a celebration of Jewish culture, tradition and faith. We're honored to have it as a major piece of art in our synagogue.

Rabbi Mendel Mintz
The Aspen Jewish Community Center

The magnificence of Bennett's artwork dazzles the eye, awakens the heart, and elevates the soul. And, it could not have come at a better time, while the smoldering ashes of European anti-semitism are being rekindled throughout the world. This artwork is an empowerment of our Jewish survival and it is our hope that it will grace the walls of as many homes, synagogues and institutions as possible.

Dr. Alan Altman
Formerly of Harvard Medical School

A visual diary of the evolution of the emblem of Israel. Thanks to Marc's research and vivid artistic rendition, we can appreciate this important aspect of our Jewish history.

Barbara Hines

The Star of David is among the most mystical and magnificent trademarks of Judaica, and The History of the Star of David captures its breathtaking history. This beautifully crafted, artistic chronology proudly weaves a tale of survival that resonates with all those who appreciate beauty and timelessness in art.

Inna and David Effress
Los Angeles, California

Viewing The History of the Star of David made me feel like I just got a huge hug.

Francie Ross
Minneapolis, Minnesota