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Past Events at JCC

Past Events at JCC

Past Events at the Aspen Jewish Community Center



March 26th:

Hitler's Furies – German Women in the Nazi Killing Fields
Author: Wendy Lower

June 11th: 

The Righteous Amongst the Nations – Christian Rescuers During WWII
Speaker: Carolyn H. Manosevitz, MFA (The Fund for Interfaith Understanding)

June 23rd:

Healing Children: A Surgeon’s Stories from the Frontiers of Pediatric Medicine
Speaker: Kurt Newman, MD (President and CEO – Children’s National)

July 7th:

The Landscape of Personal and Professional Security Options Keep you safe and give you “Piece of Mind”
Speaker: Dale Buckner (Retired Special Forces General & Founder / CEO of Global Guardian)

July 10th:

De-Legitimization, Antisemitism – Composite Challenge & Joint Response
With Brig. Gen. (Res.) Assaf Orion and the Boycott Divestment Sanctions

July 11th:

Behind the Ideal Partnership American Jewry’s Profound Connection with Israel
Speaker: Jewish National Fund CEO Russell F. Robinson

July 13th:

Cardiology & End of Life Issues 
Understanding These Issues Through the Prism of Judaism
Speaker: Dr. Alan Kadish (President and Chief Executive Officer of Touro)

July 20th:

The Second Civil War 
“On Campus, In the Streets & At Home; Is this America’s Second Civil War?”
Speaker: David Horowitz - Founder of David Horowitz Freedom Center


July 25th:

Israel, Judea and Samaria, and the Palestinians; What You Don’t Hear Or Read In The Media.
Speakers: Eve Harow (Director of Tourism for One Israel Fund) and Itamar Marcus (Founder / Director of “Palestine Media Watch”)


August 2nd: 

Faithkeepers – Be Your Brothers’ Keeper
Speaker: Raheel Roza (President of The Council for Muslims Facing Tomorrow) and Richard Green (Film’s Exec. Producer and Exec. Director of Clarion Project)

August 3rd:

Jewish Colorado Premier Summer Event
Speaker: David Horovitz (Founding Editor of the Times of Israel)

August 8th: 

Special in Uniform 
Integrating Young People with Disabilities into the IDF and Israeli Society
Speaker: Lt. Col. (Res.) Tiran Attia and Jewish National Fund


August 9th: 

Holocaust Denial and Its Role in Global Antisemitism
The Power of Eyewitness Testimony and Technology to the Change the World
Speakers: Deborah Lipstadt (Holocaust Historian and Writer), Sam Gustman (Chief Technology Officer at USC Shoah Foundation), Jayne Perilstein (Managing Director of Advancement at USC Shoah Foundation)




May 26th:

Quality vs Quantity: Balancing the Tension at the End-of-Life
Speakers: Matthew Wynia, MD, MPH, FACP (Director of Center of Bioethics & Humanities); Ira Bedzow (Director Biomedical Ethics & Humanities Program), Sean Jeung (Hospice Chaplin)

June 5th:

Symposium: Encountering a Stranger 
Illustrious Gathering of Renowned Scholars, Clergy and Artists

July 7th: 

Free Will and Divine Providence: Insights From Physics
Speaker: Dr. Alan Kadish (President and Chief Executive Officer of Touro)


July 13th:

International Order of Chaos? The UN & the EU
Britain & Europe: The West’s Broken Heart
Modern Antisemitism and the Dangerous United Nations
Speakers: Melanie Phillips (British Journalist, Author & Broadcaster), Anne Bayefsky (Director of Touro, President of Human Rights Voices)


July 19th:

Holocaust & Holograms: Memory and Education in the Digital Age
Speaker: Stephen D. Smith (Executive Director of Shoah Foundation)


July 26th:

Science Fiction or Science? Rewiring the Brain: Uses and Abuses of Advancing Neurotechnology
Speaker: William B. Hurlbut (Physician and Neurobiology Professor at Stanford)


Aug. 1st:

America’s Controversy about Israel
Speaker: Larry Gellman (Activist & blogger) and Jonathan Greenberg (Senior Vice President, Hayim Salomon Center)


Aug. 18th:

Exposing our generation’s most damning blood-libel
Speaker: Phillipe Karsenty (French Media Analyst)


August 23rd:

Securing the Skies in the Cyber Age: Behind the Scenes with an Israel Air Force General
Speaker: Col. Rami Danan


Aug. 26th:

The Zika Foundation
Q & A with the World’s Foremost Expert on ZIKA and Infectious Diseases
Speaker: Dr. Michael Callahan




July 1st: 

No Child’s Play - Children of the Holocaust: Creativity and Play
Speaker: S. Isaac Mekel (Yad Vashem)


July 13th: 

Is Peace Possible
Can Israelis and Palestinians Agree on Anything? Can Israelis and Palestinians Coexist? Are They Doomed to Violence?
Speakers: Hon. Daniel C. Kurtzer (Former U.S. Ambassador to Egypt & Israel), Hon. Dr. Yosef Beilin (Israeli Statesman & Scholar), Hon. Dan Meridor (Israeli Minister of Justice, Minster of Finance)


July 20th: 

When Life Nears Death: A Conversation of Medical & Social Values
Speakers: Dr. Teodorao Forcht Dagi (Neurosurgeon), Sean Jeung (Hospice Chaplain), Rabbi David Shabtai, M.D., Paul Root Wolpe, Ph.D. (Prof. of Bioethics)


July 28th: 

Washing the Dead: Love and Life. Ritual and Redemption. Family and Forgiveness
Author: Michelle Brafman


July 29th: 

The State of US / ISRAEL Relations in the Current American Political Environment
Speakers: Cliff D. May, Mark Mellman and Moderator Jerry Bovino


Aug. 3rd: 

Jewish Colorado Premier Summer Event
Speaker: Ambassador Dennis Ross (Author / Diplomat)


Aug. 12th:

Confronting Antisemitism on Campus: A non-Jew’s Journey and Persistence in the most unlikely of Places
Speaker: Chloe Simone Valdary (Founder of Allies of Israel)


Nov. 10th

Being Mortal
Community Read and Panel Discussion
Speaker: Sean Jung (Hospice Chaplain), Allison Daily (Exec. Director of Pathfinders), Dr. Nicole Feeney, MD, Laura Kornasiewicz (Moderator)





Dec. 20th: 

The Yom Kippur War through the Entebe Operation
Story of Love for Israel, unconditional love of a father to his son and Tikum Olam
Speaker: General Doron Almog